Rigger/Millwright Foreman

Job Description - The Foreman is responsible for working with and communicating with the customer, NRI Management, Estimators, Administrators, Superintendent/Sr. Foreman and all field personnel. Other responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

·         Adhere to all Company policies, standards and procedures including, but not limited to customer relations, Company Mission Statement, dress code, training requirements, etc.

·         Interact and plan job assignment with the Estimator, Operations Manager and Sr. Foreman as needed.

·         Delegate and direct job specific instructions to the field crew members, the subcontractors and the suppliers as needed to ensure the project is completed safely and efficiently.

·         Ensure compliance with NRI and customer safety procedures at all times.

·         Ensure paperwork is completed accurately and submitted on a daily basis.

·         Ensure worksites are clean during the course of the day and at the end of the day.

·         Manage to reduce man hours without sacrificing safety and/or quality of workmanship.

·         Correct and/or reprimand individual crew members who deviate from proper safety procedures or standards set for by NRI and customer.  Report any disciplinary issues to Operations Manager.

·         Interact and engage with the customer as needed.

·         Other job related administrative duties as needed.

Job Requirements

·         5+ years of rigging/millwright experience.

·         Must pass a background check with no felony convictions.

·         Must possess and maintain in good standing all licenses and certifications as deemed necessary, including, but not limited to a valid driver license and medical card (per DOT), forklift and aerial lift licenses, OSHA 10 certification, etc…

·         Must have completed all Safety related job training per NRI Training Matrix.

·         Must have passed all required customer safety tests.

·         Must have read and signed company handbook and have working knowledge of company standards and procedures.

Ben Callaghan