Fred Marinelli

Frederick J. Marinelli,

President & CEO

Fred Marinelli has been an owner and Co-President of both Northeast Riggers, Inc. and Northeast Industries, Inc. since January of 2003. During this time, Marinelli has played a major role in building and developing Northeast Riggers (professional Millwright/Rigging related services) which was originally the sole source of income and the sole service provider to our customers. Within a short period of time and with the goal to better and more completely serve our growing customer base, Marinelli worked to build Northeast Industries and we began offering and providing General Contracting and Construction related services to the Industrial and Commercial marketplace. In line with his belief to listen, learn and evolve all in an effort to find better ways to serve, Marinelli continues to focus on the needs of our customers as was displayed in his initiative to create and establish 20/20 Facility Services Corporation in 2017. 20/20 is now the proud “Parent Company” of Northeast Riggers, Inc., Northeast Industries, Inc. and All Equipment, Inc.

Prior to becoming an owner in January of 2003, Marinelli spent 16 years in the Reinsurance Industry where he last served as a Vice President of XL Capital in Hartford, CT.

Marinelli earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Finance from Central Connecticut State University in 1985

Message from Fred Marinelli:

To our existing customer base and to all those who have utilized our services in the past:

I simply thank you for the opportunity that you have given me and all of our dedicated employees within the 20/20 Facility Services Family! We recognize you for your support now and throughout the years and we truly appreciate the work you provide us and your continued patience as we grow and evolve in an effort to better serve you!

To those potential customers who are considering the use of our services:

I thank you for including our companies in the many options that you have! We value the fact that we are in your thoughts and I invite you to contact me with any questions you may have regarding our companies and services or to contact me if you would like to discuss your business needs!

To all:

Please note that our goal is simple and as follows:

“We strive to continuously raise the bar in an effort to meet your many needs and create your vision”

Ben Callaghan